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8 Great podcast newsletters for every podcaster

8 Great podcast newsletters for every podcaster
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It’s no surprise that starting a newsletter for your podcast is a good thing. When I was Director of Success for a podcast hosting company, the first recommendation I’d make to new podcasters was to: Start a newsletter.

If you’re new to podcasting, it can be a little lonely watching your download chart slowly tick up and to the right – or not move at all. New podcasters could lessen their stress if focused on growing newsletter subscribers versus their downloads.

I don’t know about you, but I’d trade 10 podcast downloads for 1 newsletter subscriber.

We’ll discuss the benefits and the technical details of starting one for your podcast in a future article. Today, I’d like to share with you some fellow podcasters that are running a newsletter in tandem with their audio & video content.

These newsletters are a must subscribe if you’re looking to go deeper in the podcast community.

Global Podcast Editors

This is a newsletter aimed at, you guessed it, podcast editors. While I’m not a professional editor, I do enjoy learning from this collective Stephanie Fuccio has been curating over the last few years.

Pod Chat

One of my favorite podcasts about podcasting delivers the tips and tricks right to my inbox. Danny Brown delivers industry knowledge in a digestible format for new (and veteran!) podcasters. p.s. they are also a supporter.

Pod The North

Back to back Canadians aren’t a surprise here when they are both putting out exceptional content! Don’t let the title fool you, while it’s premise is Canadian podcasting, Kattie Laur publishes thought provoking content for all podcasters.


BlkPodNews is the official newsletter of the Black Podcasters Association. Unlike the other newsletters I've highlighted, the newsletter is written and curated by a few writers. You can learn more about the team here.

Podcasting Community

There’s a large podcast community on Discord, including the names I mentioned above. The newsletter helps pull some of the best content out from the group. Especially useful if you don’t have the time to engage every day!

Podnews Daily

A staple in keeping up with the audio industry news, events, and happenings. Every morning you can get a run down of the most important links you’ll want to click. James Cridland is the editor along with the daily audio podcast. Maybe he’ll even publish video one day?

The Squeeze

If you desire some additional hard-hitting reporting of the audio and podcast industry, look no further than The Squeeze published by Skye Pillsbury. Worth your time and support!

The Podcast Setup

Shameless plug…well, you’re here, aren’t you?! We publish podcast setups from podcasters around the world. You can fill out our interview form and get your podcast featured & promoted. It’s a great way to learn, discover, and help grow podcast awareness.

Do you have a favorite podcast newsletter?

There are lot of podcast newsletter being published, I haven’t even scratched the surface with this list.

I hope some of these are new to you, and if you enjoy them, please subscribe and tweet/toot to their creators that you like the work they are doing. Message me your favorite newsletter, I’m on Twitter and Mastodon.