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How I Built It hosted by Joe Casabona

How I Built It hosted by Joe Casabona

Joe and I go way back.

We once co-authored a podcast 101 e-book, co-hosted a livestream, and have been swapping podcast stories for the last 8 years. We both got started in the WordPress space, covering community & the business builders supporting it.

He's all in on podcasting now, and has some of the best podcast gear I've seen. Enjoy!

Each week, host Joe Casabona talks about how you can build good content faster to increase revenue and establish build authority....

How I Built It hosted by Joe Casabona

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Summarize your show for us

It's like getting free coaching calls from successful creators.

Why do listeners subscribe to your podcast?

Each week they get actionable advice from successful creators on how to grow their online business and make more money.

What makes your approach to podcasting different from others?

I'm not just telling stories. I'm trying to get actionable advice from my guests. Each episode can be viewed as a mini class or coaching call.

What do you hope listeners gains from listening to your show?

Something they can implement that week that will help them with their creator business.

What does your podcast legacy look like?

I hope I helped people grow and make money through my ability to conduct good conversations and be genuinely curious.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other podcasters?

Don't copy other podcasters. Do what works best for you and your audience. That could mean doing a fortnightly podcast instead of weekly. It could mean starting with a 5-minute podcast or not doing interviews.

To figure out what's best for you and your audience, define your podcast's mission statement. Everything you do should be in service to that mission.

The software you use for your podcast:

  • Craft for idea capture and outlines
  • Descript for recording solo shows
  • Riverside for recording interviews
  • GarageBand for recording ad spots (the settings are dialed in perfectly for my editor to just drop them in)
  • Calendly for scheduling with guests
  • Dropbox for sending files to my team
  • Castos and Buzzsprout for hosting my shows
  • Canva for creating episode graphics
  • Airtable for episode and project management

The hardware you use for your podcast:

What makes your podcast setup work for you?

I've gone through several mics and the Shure SM7b is definitely best for my voice. The Rodecaster Pro 2 makes getting the Shure dialed in really easy, which is why I move from an Apollo to that.

I was using a Cruise Ship when a row boat would do.

The camera is mostly for my YouTube channel, but I've been recording my video with my podcast lately, and having a good camera is super helpful. And for the Stream Deck, I have buttons that auto-configure my workspace, start timers and set the lights just right (including a recording light in my kitchen, so my family knows when I'm recording).

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