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Live In The Feast with Jason Resnick

Live In The Feast with Jason Resnick

The first word that came to my mind about Jason Resnick was "grit."

He's a guy I've known for nearly a decade that hasn't given up on his passion to be a solo creator, developer, consultant, and so much more. Constantly evolving himself in the field – even learning on the job.  His podcasts act as the glue to many parts of his brand + business plumbing.

His professional life sits at the intersection of automation and email marketing. His personal life is about being a great dad, husband, and (unfortunately) Chiefs fan. If you need help understanding the fast changing email marketing landscape, be sure to subscribe to Jason!

Live In The Feast is a seasonal podcast for developers and designers looking to discover their niche to build recurring revenue.

Live in the Feast & Ask Rezzz hosted by Jason Resnick

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Summarize your show for us

Live In The Feast is a seasonal podcast for freelancers looking to get out of the feast or famine cycle and stay in the feast for good.

Why do listeners subscribe to your podcast?

Each season is about a topic specific to your freelance business, think Pricing, Getting Clients, etc. Each episode within the season features actionable takeaways for you to implement in your business immediately after each show.

No fluff, no pie in the sky dreaming, this is real-life examples and takeaways for you.

What makes your approach to podcasting different from others?

I'm a no nonsense, straight-shooter type of guy and while I enjoy listening to folks chat on podcasts, when it comes to a business podcast, I always want to walk away with something that I can use right away to improve the business.

What do you hope listeners gain from your show?

A takeaway or lesson that they can use, learn from, or be inspired from to take action.

What does your podcast legacy look like?

Never thought about the legacy of me as a podcaster to be honest.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other podcasters?

Just press record and get it out there. Don't compare yourself to the podcasters you listen to on a regular basis. If you haven't started, press record and publish.

What software do you use to produce your podcast?

What hardware do you use to record your podcast?

What makes your podcast setup work for you?

It's simple. I probably could upgrade a ton, but it works every time I push record and is something that I don't have to think about.

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