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ObscureBall hosted by Stuart Barefoot

ObscureBall hosted by Stuart Barefoot

I have the absolute pleasure to work with Stuart on the Audience podcast.

He's taught me a lot about creating a solid production process for our team, and has made me appreciate great audio on a whole new level. I'm excited to share one of his personal projects with you today, and for you to discover a bit more about him as a podcaster.

Enjoy ObscureBall!

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A sports storytelling podcast. New episodes are released occasionally.

ObscureBall hosted by Stuart Barefoot

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Summarize your show for us

A sports storytelling podcast.

Why do listeners subscribe to your podcast?

For handcrafted storytelling about sporting events, history and figures.

What makes your approach to podcasting different from others?

I focus less on making a podcast and more on creating a unique audio experience. I just so happen to release the audio via RSS.

More broadly, I take time, sometimes months and months to research, write, edit and produce stories. There's no release schedule. Episodes are released when they're done.

What do you hope listeners gain from your show?

I hope they enjoy what they hear and come away with a new appreciation of the subject mater.

What does your podcast legacy look like?

I just hope people know that I care about the craft of audio creation.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other podcasters?

Make the show YOU want to hear.

What software do you use to produce your podcast?

What hardware do you use to record your podcast?

What makes your podcast setup work for you?

It's simple, convenient and effective.

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