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The Point After hosted by Kyle Maurer

The Point After hosted by Kyle Maurer

I met Kyle back in his WordPress podcasting days.

From web technology, to playing Monday morning quarterback, Kyle has stayed true to his love for podcasting. He's the first creator (that I know of!) producing a private podcast to stay connected to his family. That's true love for the medium – and his family.

I hope you enjoy today's first edition in 2023!

Weekly NFL predictions, challenges, and heated arguments about all things pro football with three guys who don't know anything.

The Point After hosted by Kyle Maurer

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Summarize your show for us

The Point After is a weekly NFL discussion podcast

Why do listeners subscribe to your podcast?

Our listeners enjoy our lively debates, bold predictions, and engaging format. We consistently have a queue of listener questions and occasional live callers, all bringing unique topics and hot takes to the table.

What makes your approach to podcasting different from others?

Our focus is on our small but loyal audience of listeners. And we record face-to-face in a studio which helps us bring a high level of passion, energy, and chemistry.

What do you hope listeners gain from your show?

We hope they're entertained and drawn into the drama of the NFL season.

What does your podcast legacy look like?

For this, I can only think of my OTHER podcast.

My other show is a private podcast for only family and close friends. In that show I conduct detailed and deeply personal interviews with members of my family and inner circle to better understand their lives and perspectives.

It's been immensely rewarding and I love talking about it to anyone who will listen. Without question, it is one of the greatest things I have ever done.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other podcasters?

Remember that it doesn't need to be a lifelong commitment. If you do ten episodes and call it quits, that is not a failure. That's a success. You made something and your audience can forever benefit from the content. Success isn't measured by number of episodes.

What software do you use to produce your podcast?

What hardware do you use to record your podcast?

What makes your podcast setup work for you?

I am fortunate enough to have unrestricted access to a four person recording setup. I helped a friend assemble everything and now we have a pretty decent studio for recording shows face-to-face. I love doing my recordings that way, especially after doing years of virtual shows.

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